From Gandhi to Bill Maher…….

“I like your Christ. I do not like your christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi

He also said he would be a christian if it were not for Christians.

Today I was eating in a diner with my wife in colorado, and I could not help but over hear these vibrant intelligent voices. They were speaking of the errors of the “church” through out history. And they focused on events like the crusades. At that moment I recalled all my over hearing conversations in public places through out the past decade. I recall a conversation I over heard in a coffee shop in the village, NYC. They too focused on the crusades, the holocaust, slavery etc.

These conversation’s though each unique in them selves, always end up leaning towards an encouraging them selves in their sin and why they are not Christians. Ultimately they don’t like the “church”. These people really don’t say too much about Christ himself.

Take Bill Maher for example, He’s the biggest mocker of christianity today. He once admitted that he really liked the gospels and really could not find fault with Christ, so he continued on to make fun of christians. Now most christians to him are conservative  republicans. Gandhi’s view of christians was the british government in his time, ruling his nation.

My point for bringing Gandhi, Bill Maher and these other folk that I have come across through out the years, is to point out something they all have in common. That is, that they all look to man. I don’t necessarily blame them for their lack of faith in christianity, after all they are looking to man. And in this case most of their examples of what they think christianity is, are from groups who are not even regenerated new creatures. They are looking at politics, wars, hate groups, etc.

Now I have to wonder though if there has been a failure on the real church. Because there is a huge emphasis of focusing on man in the church today as well. It’s actually getting pretty wild too. In all camps. Whether it is the hyper exaggerated bunch who practically worship the “prophet” “healer” “apostle’ “bishop” or another bunch who always bash the “prophet” “healer” “apostle” “bishop”. Either or you find the pointing to man. So if these doubters who are observing and hearing the “gospel” are being pointed to man and ministries. You can’t blame them for their disappointment. It’s the message that is coming forth from the “church”.

I do know this. In the pattern of the bible, and church history. There seems to always be a small remnant . Unfortunately these doubters are looking to the masses and not the alive and well body of Christ. Because if they looked in that direction , yes they will find a nutty, faulty bunch, but a bunch saturated in Christ.

I can go on to write about the errors of us christians. Our faults our bad history and so on. But it’s not necessary. Most of what I’m saying here is my opinion. I have not done enough research on this. I’m going by some conversation I heard while eating an ultimate skillet in the village inn. ( By the way my favorite breakfast joint) I’m going by a conversation I heard while drinking a cup of Coffee I had in a Starbucks most likely. ( By the way I love the clover machine at Starbucks it’s such a great coffee high). And I’m going by a few Bill Maher programs I watched on HBO. ( by the way, HBO is naughty, and I don’t encourage it) I’m going by life experience I guess. When put that way, I suppose that is enough research.

Any way here is the good news. And when I say good news, I mean gospel good news. Whether these doubting sinners are justified in their disappointment, whether they are bitter. Whether I’m correct on the church and our faults and issues. And even though most “christian” history isn’t really christian. The good news is. None of it will affect the gospel message.

Jesus is very much alive. It still boils down to His grace. His love. Trust me much is required of us who believe. That’s for another note, perhaps for you to write. But when it’s all been said and done. Christ gets all glory and is absolutely victorious. I rest in the fact that He cleans up my messes in attempting to present the gospel. When time comes to an end. We will find that He has cleaned up History. And in the whole course of this messy christian history,  it is He who stands in the most lovely way with not one ounce of disappointment for those weary heavy laden wretches like me.

Be merciful to those who doubt… Jude 22

By His grace

Patrick Kucharski


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