I have been a christian for almost 13 years now.  For some that might seem to be a long time.  I myself  am extremely in awe of His keeping power all these years.

But in the whole grand scope of things, my 13 years is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the history of the church.

I was born again into a church culture , that I like to call “ sermon culture” or “church of the sermons”.

We have websites dedicated to sermons, we name off our favorite sermons like there scores on our favorite team.

The favorite team being the preachers name.

We can pick and choose what kind of sermon we want to hear. It almost reminds me of the common practice in homes today, I do it every other day and that is

” I don’t feel like cooking , I’m just going to go through the drive through. Or” hey pop those TV dinners in the mic” funny how some of us can’t even say the whole word microwave. We are a fast quick culture and we are all about shortening things as much as possible.

If we don’t like it we just move onto the next one. Now don’t get me wrong this mass over load of sermons on the internet , on many levels this is  amazing and yes I can see God using this in hard to reach places around the world. I can see it as a storage house of bread, there for when a famine comes.

But thats my whole point, “the hard to reach”  mentality as been like fast food at a drive through. The marinating prayer life or prayer meetings have almost been extinct. The fresh ingredients of faith have been replaced with cheap spices of our quick life.

The full course home cooked meals of devotion have become a 3 time a year thing.

We love these sermons because there tasty and satisfying. A good sermon is like a gourmet meal. The minister has marinated the meat for a few days in prayer, he has made the bread from scratch, he has used the finest of spices, and he or she has taken their time.

I’m glad we can enjoy the word of God so freely, I’m glad we can enjoy the finer things in life of a well prepared sermon meal.

BUT, We are not like the old church of many many years ago, where the “common people” couldn’t read latin, so they depended on a priest to read the scriptures to them.

Our bodies can’t afford to take another bite of a glutinous fast food drive through sermons, there is so much microwaved food we can eat before our bodies recognize a deficiency in nutrients or we can use the analogy of fine dining on the best gourmet meals. And if we  fine dine  daily at restaurants we can go very broke and show up short when major expenses come.

We need to go grocery shopping for our selves at the fresh farm markets of the bible. We need to go to the orchards and vineyards and get the fruits of intimacy for our selves and taste and see for our selves. We need to take that meat for our selves and venture into how to cook it up for our selves, we need to take the marinating and cook books of prayer for our selves.

My point has just been confirmed by a family member, it actually reveals to me that the Holy spirit is being very active in my home this very moment.

I just began to read this out loud to my family , I said to them I had to start typing this because this thought came out of no where. As I was reading my mother interrupted me and said. “ WOW , i was just 2 mins ago thinking to myself up stairs we can do this our selves, we can have the very same thing here in our lives” She was speaking about just the basics of our christian walks, studying the word etc

Of course I will still listen to those great sermons, but I feel compelled to go old school a bit and start making some home cooked meals. I want my house to put off the aroma of fresh baked bread , cookies, crock pots, etc.

I end on this note, may we become a church culture of “more than a sermon” and “ more than a meal”  but going boldly daily before the thrown of grace to kiss the feet of Jesus for our selves, simply because we can, because he has made this available to us and what a privelege it is. Plus Jesus is better in person, amen.

By His Grace

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2 responses to “MORE THAN A SERMON

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. And I came away, encouraged and refreshed. LOVE the fast food analogies….drives it home, and puts it in laymens terms for all to understand. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, and for being a beloved brother in Him, all these many years! I, too, stand in awe of His keeping powers!! Love ya, God bless!

  2. jakimo

    Loved it!!

    There’s nothing in all of the world, like believing God in hi word and kindness – at his table.

    Take, eat. Share!

    Shopping, for good food:

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