A personal sacrifice

On this Good Friday, I would like to sincerely , victoriously, boldly herald the glorious power of the cross. That the atonement made by Christ is very active in its nature this very moment and not possibly active. Hallejuah!

If we were to look at the old testemant we would agree that its purpose was to be a foreshadowing of Christ. We only know this now because the holy spirit has reavealed to us “ the secret wisdom of God” and that is Jesus Christ. He has reavealed to us Jesus Christ and when we see him now in His glory , and when we who now stand or kneel before his beautiful feet ,we can’t help but see his mighthy shadow leaning over into the old testemant. But it takes us seeing him now stand over us to understand whose shadow that is. I find great healing and clarity in the shadow we see cover all the pages of the OT. Because I know its a shadow of Christ and anything Christ is very good even a shadow. 

If I can recognize the shadows of the Jordon logo and other famous persons then I certainly recognize the image of the shadow of the famous Jesus Christ in the OT. And if some were able to be healed from a shadow of a man named Peter, then I am safe to say we are healed by the shadow we see of Jesus Christ hovering over us in the OT. 
My point is, there is healing found in specifics truths on very specific topics. And the one I’m highlighting is the atonement.

I can touch on so many types/ shadows of Jesus Christ in the Old testement. I don’t know of any christian who doesnt find joy in the image of Christ in the story of Ruth and Boaz or other images like King David etc. These stories in fact are so much better when we see Christ,and that he is the one actually making these shadowy images.

The OT sacrificial system is a foreshadowing of Christ’s work on the cross. So lets begin to reasearch and enjoy His shadow. 

The sacrfices that were made in the OT were particular and not made with potential intent. They were made with the intentions to be paid for specific sins and individuals. 

“The work of Christ must also be interpreted against the background of more than 2000 years of sacrifices pointing to his advent, life and death. These sacrifices were offered by Israelites for themselves and their families. They were offered by the high priests for all Israel. They were not offered for everyone who ever lived” ( clark sec. 5.2).

We take great joy in the fact that Christ is very personal. We love to throw around the famous saying “ it’s not about religion but its about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” 
Thats statement is so very true. I enjoy how Scott Clark puts it 
““If God did not intend to redeem any in particular, then it means that the atonement was indefinite. If it was indefinite, then Christ died for no one particularly” (sec. 2). 

He is stating that an indefinite atonement, or universal atonement, makes the cross of Christ out to be impersonal. 
In light of the shadow of the sacrfice in the OT of its very personal intent ,we now see an even better image and picture of Jesus Christ our high priest and His intention and that is His merits did’nt merely make salvation possible , but it activeley achieves it. The power of this mighthy active nature is from Christ himself alone. Nothing from us man kind determines its power.

“Christ’s death was not a death of potential atonement for all people. Believing that Jesus’ death was a potential, symbolic atonement for anyone who might possibly, in the future, accept him trivializes Christ’s act of atonement. Christ died to atone for specific sins of specific sinners. Christ died to make holy the church.” Barlow

By making the atonement of Jesus Christ particular it now becomes a very sweet personal event. 
“A personal God, a personal Savior, is at the very heart of the Christian faith “ (clark sec. 3).

Some might see this to be a bit trivial and I would say when this is discussed not in love, then yes it is. I am very sad it divides so many. But to avoid it might also be equally an attempt to downplay this very glorius event, or better put this very glorious person Jesus Christ. To God be all the Glory. 

thanks for reading


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