As I live in this point of history. In this age of technology. In this age of expedition aswell. Yes I might not have to sail the mighthy seas for a dream like the “American dream”.But I will continue to surf the waves of cyber world, and find unreached old friends of mine who are addicted to drugs, crime, homosexuality, lust , hurt, scared and some even are into satanism. By God’s grace I will be bold enough to voice sincere truth on these seas. I have a dream to share, I have a vision and a prophesy. The greatest revelation Jesus Christ.

I must sale the seas of our current world our current cultures. Our modern times.  My conviction is I cant be caught up with an agenda of maintaining a “I’m an old fashion man”. Because the fact is I’m a todays man, why because I live today in 2011 and we are progressing rapidly. I grieve over and break over unneccesary years of stubborn legalism and bondages. The beauty though of what I’m trying to say is that holiness and virtue is avaible among being “a todays man” Don’t worry  ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever Heb 13:8.


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